Residential Waterproofing

Residential Waterproofing by West Coast waterproofing Ltd

Residential waterproofing can start at the design and construction stage. West Coast Waterproofing Ltd can also find solutions to seal your foundation, basement, crawlspace, and other leaks. We are a leading residential and multi-family waterproofing solutions company based in British Columbia. We take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality services, communications with our customers. Our team of experts has undergone extensive training in many aspects of waterproofing and water mitigation including the more difficult techniques using top quality waterproofing solutions. 

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For our residential waterproofing customers, we will work with you from the consultation stage to the final application. We want to make sure you understand the processes and products we use to solve your waterproofing needs and that can be anything from a foundation leak, a new water feature, or even a cistern (water storage tank).

Waterproofing solutions:

Our residential customers include single-family homeowners, property managers, and strata councils. Let us introduce you to solutions such as polyurea and concrete injection as a means of waterproofing for various applications such as wet basements, leaking foundations, cold rooms (under exterior stairs) podium decks, parking structures, walkways, balconies, green roofs to name but a few. If you are dealing with basement or crawl space leaks and water penetration then we can employ concrete grouting, membranes, and various other solutions to solve and prevent those problems from coming back because we have specialized equipment and knowledge to apply the right, innovative products, in the correct way so that they last for years, often decades.


Concrete injection is a great solution for repairing wet basements due to a leaking or cracked foundation. As opposed to applying store-bought surface coatings we often suggest concrete injection to repair the cracks in your foundation. The products we use are designed to be hydrophilic which means they seek out water and seal and fill the cracks not allowing water to continue to penetrate. 

Another example may be the addition of a cavity drain system. This is for more extreme drainage issues in a foundation or wet basement.

 Polyurea has several advantages compared to other more traditional methods of waterproofing such as torch-on membranes. It’s safer as no fire is involved (sometimes and insurance concerns). Our services and products are often in the same price range as competitors, yet we can cover much larger areas in far shorter time frames (up to 5000 sq.ft per day). Our spray-applied membrane cures rapidly and is trafficable within minutes of being applied, meaning that your job is handed back to you quickly, allowing valuable progress. Time is money and our systems will give you the best coverage with a “fast return to service timeframe.” This means you get your home, deck, or parking back much sooner!

See below for a list of services we offer and we’ve applied those services to residential projects in urban or rural homes all over BC.

From Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland, the Gulf Islands, Prince George, and the Interior, we are your residential waterproofing and leak repair experts in BC.

Here is a list of the common waterproofing solutions we provide:

Note: for wet basements, we will work with you to determine which of the many solutions below we will  recommend for your issue. 

    • Waterproofing a pond and river with polyurea by west coast waterproofing ltdPolyurethane pedestrian traffic coating by west coast waterproofing ltdCistern waterproofed by West Coast Waterproofing Ltd Window Well & Foundation Leak sealing by West Coast Waterproofing in BCWet Basements 
    • Foundation leak repair – Concrete Injection
    • Foundation sealing
    • Cavity drain system
    • Waterproofing – preprufe
    • Concrete Repair and protective coating – Pedestrian traffic coating
    • Window well repair and sealing
    • Groundwater protection
    • Basement leaks and waterproofing systems
    • Crawlspace leaks and waterproofing systems
    • Spray Foam InsulationPolyurea Deck waterproofing by West Coast Waterproofing in BCBasement leak repair and waterproofing