What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a coating that can be applied by either rolling
on or used a sprayed application. Spraying usually offers the best and cleanest
coverage and final product. The technology behind polyurea is more advanced
than traditional systems used for sealing, water penetration, containment, and
many other applications. Although treated as an innovative technology, polyurea
has actually existed for several decades.

Why use Polyurea?

There are several key reasons you would want to use polyurea
for waterproofing.

Traditional methods often use fire or “torch-on”
applications. These systems are timing consuming, require the use of fire which
has associated hazards, and are labour intensive.  See our risk of fire video.


Spray-applied polyurea can conform to any shape making it the perfect waterproofing solution for tricky spots, complicated water features, design challenges, and more. You can do so much more with polyurea over the traditional methods. This video link shows just how versatile and conforming polyurea is.


West Coast Waterproofing using our methods of application can waterproof up to 5000 square feet in just one day! 

The application will be seamless, with no joints at all resulting in a fully bonded monolithic seamless membrane.  Comparing to a traditional application, every seam creates a weak point where water penetration is likely over time. 

Polyurea can be sprayed onto almost any surface (horizontal
or vertical) and offers a fast return time as it can be walked on in most cases
within minutes of the application. This saves time in many ways.

Imagine you’re a general contractor or even a home owner. Every hour it takes to get a project moving along costs money both in the labour time and time delay in completing the project. Instead of taking sometimes days for traditional waterproofing systems, a polyurea application can often be completed and ready for the next steps in a matter of hours saving both time and money!


Traditional waterproofing systems will usually fail within a
few years. Polyurea is not only longer-lasting it’s also much more durable.
Take the case of a bridge deck system. If you use a traditional torch-on
waterproof system with your asphalt surface applied over the top the issue you
run into comes when you need to resurface due to the asphalt wearing out. In a
traditional system the when you remove the asphalt you will also have to remove
the torch-on system and then replace it before re-surfacing can happen. If the
surface was sealed using polyurea, you will be able to safely remove the old
asphalt and resurface without having to re-apply the waterproofing system. This
saves time and money.


Polyurea can be applied in almost any circumstance. It can
be used to seal tanks that hold water, it can be applied over top of under
ground parking structures, on raised deck surfaces, over walkways and floors
and much more. The value is both in the versatility and the fact that the
surface will be ready for whatever finishing you want to apply in a matter of


Unlike torch-on methods used today, there is no risk of fire
to the building or the surrounding vegetation. This will often save on
insurance costs. There’s also little risk to other trades people working on
your project.

Ask us about how polyurea and waterproof your project and
save you both time and money.