Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing

Commercial work photos by West Coast Waterproofing Ltd

We are a leading commercial and industrial waterproofing solutions company based in British Columbia. We take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality services and products. Our team of experts has undergone extensive training in many aspects of waterproofing and water mitigation including the more difficult techniques such as :


  • Liquid Applied Membranes (polyurea)
  • Sheet Membranes
  • Bridge Decks
  • Tanking
  • Cementitious Coatings
  • Injection grouting
  • Bentonite waterproofing
  • Below water-level applications



Time to consider polyurea for your next project as a means of waterproofing your commercial and industrial construction projects. For various applications such as concrete podium decks and parking structures, walkways, balconies, and green roofs to name but a few. We have the specialized equipment and knowledge to apply the right, innovative products, in the correct way so that they last for years, often decades.

Time Saver:

Compared to other more traditional methods of commercial and industrial waterproofing such as torch on membranes, polyurea has several advantages. It’s safer as no fire is involved (sometimes and insurance concern). Ours services and products are often in the same price range as competitors, yet we can cover much larger areas in far shorter time frames (up to 5000sq.ft per day). Our spray-applied membrane cures rapidly and is trafficable within minutes of being applied meaning that your job is handed back to you in a short time allowing valuable progress. Time is money and our systems will give you the best coverage with a “fast return to service timeframe.” This is better for you and your clients.

We have a short video on our Youtube Channel showing some of the great ways and uses for Polyurea (and there’s many more…)

See below for a list of services we offer and we’ve applied those services to large municipal projects in Prince George, bridge decks in the lower mainland, custom homes in the Gulf Islands,  parking structures and large commercial foundations on Vancouver Island, just to name a few.

We are your Industrial and Commercial Waterproofing Experts in  BC!

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