Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting, or media blasting as it’s sometimes referred, is another service offered by West Coast Waterproofing. Surface preparation is one area that deserves far more attention than it’s often given. Shot Blasting is one of the tools we have in our inventory to help prepare many surfaces for whatever medium is scheduled to be applied. 

Make sure to reserve our shot blasting surface for your commerical or industrial job sites best preparation.

Shot Blasting can be used:

  • To prepare surfaces such as steel, concrete and asphalt.
  • To remove top layers like paint and epoxy.
  • To improve skid resistance on surfaces such as sidewalks, walkways, floors, bike paths, roads and runways.
  • To remove markings & rubber from bridge decks and walkways, runways, industrial floors and more.
  • To generate visual effects on surfaces

Environmentally friendly:

The Blastrac closed-circuit media shot blasting machine we use throws steel abrasive media by centrifugal force at the surface. After the steel abrasive hits the surface, the shot blaster recycles the media. Dust and contaminants are removed by an air wash separator and are removed to a dedicated Blastrac dust collector. This makes the process almost dust-free in operation.

Shot blasting with steel shot is the most environmentally friendly abrasive blasting method there is because there is no use of chemical products and no waste of valuable drinking water. 

**description courtesy of the Blastrac website