Pedestrian Traffic Coating

Why a polyurethane pedestrian traffic coating?

Pedestrian stairs, and walkways will last longer and “perform” better when they have a waterproof coating to protect them. Bare concrete will absorb water which leads to the eventual degradation of the stairs or walkway. 

The slip-resistant surface will also protect those walking or climbing. This can be extremely important for strata properties, and industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Often rooms, storage spaces or equipment is located under exposed walkways and stairways. The protective polyurethane coating will seal the surface to prevent water leaks or ingress into the structure and below. 

Why use Polyurethane Pedestrian Coating?

  • Long-lasting for most horizontal applications 

  • Slip resistance to protect pedestrians

  • Visual enhancement – far better than exposed concrete

  • Protects cracks and joints in the concrete.

  • Protects what may be underneath the walkway or stairway

When to use a Pedestrian Traffic coating?

The multi-stage process of polyurethane coating can be applied on either new fully cured concrete or a properly prepared refurbished existing concrete. walkway.

Ask us about how a Pedestrian waterproof coating and save you money. 

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