Our Experience

Experts in commercial waterproofing and residential waterproofing. West Coast Waterproofing is a family-owned business based in Victoria B.C. with over 2 decades of experience servicing clients in British Columbia. We offer a full range of waterproofing services for before, during and after your project.
We use specialty building materials and specialty construction chemicals for all your waterproofing needs.
We work closely with the manufacturer of these products to make sure your project receives the most up to date and most applicable product needed.

Design and Build Structural Waterproofing Systems:

We provide complete building protection from the conception of the project to the finished product. West Coast Waterproofing uses only the best material and equipment for buildings any size, height, finish or location.

Cavity Membrane System:

Do you have water in or a damp basement or crawlspace? We have a solution for that. By applying a membrane to the walls, floors and if necessary the ceiling water will be diverted away from the walls to keep your room dry for years to come.

Concrete Repair and Protective Coating:

Cracked concrete?

Gas Barrier Systems:

To protect both your building and the environment we provide a complete barrier to VOCs, hydrocarbons, methane, carbon dioxide and radon as well providing a barrier to water ingress. This method can be pre-applied to both basement structures and concrete retaining walls for beneath ground floors and suspended slabs.

Spray Polyurea:

If you are needing a waterproof barrier that is resistant to corrosion, molding and dries easily spray on polyurea is the answer. This product is dent and scratch resistant with no chipping or peeling. And the easy application dries quickly so you can stay on track with your project.

Chemical Grouting:

Soil stabilization

Concrete Injection:

When you need to seal a leak fast the best solution is injection grouts. West Coast Waterproofing uses the best products on the market to get your project back up and running. DE NEEF® has the products and solutions trusted by under ground construction pros. Drilling holes at 45, flushing out with water, DE NEEF reacts with water.