Parkades and Parking Lots

West Coast Waterproofing specializes in sealing or repairing parkades and parking lots.

This service applies to:

  • Municipal parking garages and parkades

  • Commercial building parkades

  • Retail Mall parkades

  • Strata & Condo parking and parkades

  • Hotel and Resort parkades

  • Convention Centre parkades

Parking structures have several points at risk for leaking that must be sealed. Foundation and support walls often form cracks in the concrete allowing surface and groundwater to seep in. This runs the risk of freeze-thaw damage to the walls and potential damage to any property stored in the structure. We often solve this problem through a process call Chemical Grouting.

The surfaces of the parking structure are vulnerable to water damage both through freeze-thaw and general damage through water penetration. In conjunction with that, any water passing through the surface can also cause serious damage to the finish of any vehicle parked below. A  new or renewed traffic coating system is often the best way to revitalize and protect your parking structure surface for years to come. 

Raised curbs, planters and water features are often a source of surface leaks and must be prepared and sealed properly. Polyurea has been a great application to solve this concern.


All of these issues can be prevented or corrected saving costly insurance claims in the future.
For surfaces, we evaluate the current water penetration or risk and will apply products such as polyurea or a surface membrane as required and suggested.
We can design, apply waterproofing solutions to your new construction or repair any leaking or membrane failures to your current parking lot and parkade anywhere in BC.