Bridge Deck Waterproofing

West Coast Waterproofing has worked for companies such as CN rail resurfacing bridge decks.

The same or similar rapid-setting two-component process/membrane can be applied to railway (ballast) or standard road (asphalt) bridge decks.

Some of the key advantages of having West Coast Waterproofing handle bridge surfacing projects anywhere in B.C.

  • Time – The rapid setting system allows for a much faster return to service process over traditional methods. The membrane cures in seconds, even in cold temperatures, and can accept ballast and asphalt overtop within one hour. This saves key labour cost dollars! When we talk about a return to service time, vehicular traffic at highway speeds can be accepted after only one hour of a complete installation.
  • Temperature – The waterproof membrane can be sprayed in as low as -50 degree temperature without any effects on the time to cure. This allows for more versatility in scheduling and planning for ongoing or required projects to be completed in a year!
  • Versatility – The waterproof membrane can be sprayed horizontally, vertically, or overhead at any required thickness. Once complete you’ll end up with a seamless waterproof membrane, even on irregular surfaces. Crack bridging capable!
  • Meets Standards – The products we use meet or exceed the standards required. Information on specific products can be supplied based on your project.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The products we use for this process are made from 100% solids with no VOCs

Save Time, Save Dollars, and Help the Environment.

Contact us to learn more about the whole process and how West Coast Waterproofing and make a real difference now, and into the future for your bridge deck projects.