Water Features Ponds and Fountains

Water Features and Fountains can add so much

Having a pond, river, or fountain on your property or in front of your building can add curb appeal, a sense of calm, and a place to relax. Sit listening to the sounds of the water as it flows or looking at the gentle reflections of the surrounding landscape.

Traditionally heavy rubber membranes are laid down and seam-sealed to help maintain the water in the structure. These are heavy, hard to place, limit creativity and often leak over time. 

We use a special cloth to line the water feature and then use spray-applied polyurea to create a water-tight form that can conform to any design. Even better, your pond, river, or fountain will remain water-tight for many years to come. 

We can work with almost any shape or design and due to the shorter time frame to apply, our system is often more cost-effective than the traditional or older methods.