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Green roofs for BC

Eco-Friendly Green Roofs in BC: Polyurea Waterproofing Advantages

A properly designed green roof system enhances a roof structure by including essential components such as robust waterproofing, a system to prevent root penetration, effective drainage, a specially formulated lightweight growing medium, and a variety of plant life.

According to the website Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, green roofs provide the following key advantages:

·       Aesthetic Improvements

·       Waste Diversion

·       Stormwater Management

·       Moderation of Urban heat

·       Improved Air Quality

·       New Amenity Spaces

·       Energy Efficiency

Polyurea is spray applied membrane allowing for an application that can be done seamlessly / monolithically. This provides a more secure and waterproof layer before you add your organics on top.

Polyurea applications also have the additional benefit that they can contain root inhibitors. This will prevent roots from growing into it. This will prevent any damage to the waterproof status of your roof.

Compared to:  

Before polyurea, traditional roofing methods for flat roofs include a torch on membrane, with joints every 3 feet. These joints are a potential risk point for leakage. The lifespan of a torch-on membrane is 12 to 15 years before the whole green roof must be removed and the roofing membrane pulled up (labour intensive) and then re-applied.

Polyurea applications are intended to last the life of the project. Polyurea provides both a cost-saving and risk mitigation to your green roof.

Convenience and flexibility:

 New Green Roof: Polyurea can be applied directly to the roof substrate (plywood for example), allowing for the flexibility to work with projections such as vents, curves in design or vertical transitions. This will save both time and labour.

Green roof applied to an existing structure: A polyurea-sprayed liner can be attached over the existing roof, tied into the existing drains and other contours, vents etc. There is no need to remove the existing roof, a further cost saving. Additionally, by not having to remove the pre-existing roof, we are not adding materials to the landfill which is another key eco-friendly building advantage.

Polyurea is the clear choice when you design a green roof. Westcoast Waterproofing is a leading polyurea application company in British Columbia with the experience and equipment to make your designs a reality. A reality that will last!

The Video below shows Westcoast Waterproofing demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of polyurea as it’s applied to a mock roof, including vents and vertical surfaces.